About Us

We’re two nerds who like to travel—big trip or small, it doesn’t really matter as long as the following constants are valid: JULIE, RACHEL, GEORGE, GADGETRY.

  • JULIE: a ne’er-do-well technologist and author.
  • RACHEL: an Archives grad student with a zombie preparedness plan.
  • GEORGE: a “spirited green” 2011 Mazda 2. We think he is very handsome.
  • GADGETRY: Android-powered stuff: a Droid RAZR MAXX, a Samsung Galaxy S5, an Asus Transformer Pad 10.1, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a few older Droid RAZRs for music and podcasts in the car; Windows stuff: more than our fair share of Dell, Gateway, and Toshiba laptops; our handy bag of DIY tricks.

Please feel free to email us at nerdtripper@gmail.com and also follow us @nerdtripping.

Niagara FallsLincoln at Dinosaur KingdomRiver in WyomingVictoria Sunset