The Oregon Trail

Party NamesIn August 2011, we set out on a two-week adventure from Virginia to British Columbia (and back).

Although roadside T-Rexes and Jackalopes, Voodoo Donuts, Old Faithful, and Vancouver Island are all great fun at this and any time of year, the real purpose of the trip was to drive the Oregon Trail.

Not the National Park Service Oregon Trail Auto Tour, mind you (although that’s something we might do in the future); the goal of our trip was to hit all eighteen spots referenced in the 1981-85 edition of the Oregon Trail video game for the Apple ][ (see below).

As we write the posts, we’ll turn each of these spot names into links…stay tuned!

George at Fort Laramie, WY

George at Fort Laramie, WY

Note: We also made a Gowalla Trip out of all of the spots (save one, South Pass, where there was no connectivity), but that was when Gowalla was fun (virtual geocaching!) and still existed. The Gowalla site is gone now (RIP), but here’s a screenshot of the Gowalla trip you could have completed.